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Riverside Elementary School Report

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Riverside Elementary School Key Info

In-depth school information including test scores and student stats for Riverside Elementary School, Alexandria, VA.

  • Name Riverside Elementary School
  • 3 out of 10 GreatSchools Rating
  • Enrollment 677 students (as of 2012)
  • City Alexandria, VA
  • County Fairfax
  • District Fairfax County Public Schools
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Riverside Elementary School Ratings

Avg Rating4/54/54/54/53/54/5
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Riverside Elementary School Reviews

2/5 Rating - Posted August 28, 2014
The bullies and disrespectful students are allowed to disrupt classrooms. The most recent teacher feedback / working conditions survey indicates the Administration doesn't support teacher's efforts to maintain order in their rooms and this describes the situation i've experienced. One of my children had a peaceful classroom with cooperative children and had a great, productive year. The other had foul mouthed bullies who frequently abused teachers, and pushed, threatened, and hit fellow students resulting in a year that was not very productive. I expended a great deal of energy working to get the classroom environment improved. If the situation is as bad this year, I will move the kids to another local school. There is a high rate of staff turnover at this school. I would not consider staying here except it is our assigned AAP center. Woodley Hills ES is a wonderful school, highly recommend it... consider going there instead.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted October 5, 2013
Great programs and Student-Teacher communication. It helps advanced kids with the AAP program and others.
Submitted by other

4/5 Rating - Posted September 26, 2013
So far my child has enjoyed her years at Riverside. She is in 3rd grade AAP this year and really looks forward to school. There have been a few issues in the past and I have talked to whomever I needed to take care of the matter. Teaches and other staff have been great at helping with any of our concerns or issues. I love the ladies in the office and so does my daughter (we walk in to say good morning everyday ).
Submitted by parent

1/5 Rating - Posted July 25, 2013
I would think twice before sending your child to this school. Then think again. I cannot say enough negative things about this school. Bullying, poor teaching methods, horrible communication on behalf of the staff on up to the principal, you name it it is AWFUL. We tried extremely hard to make this school work for us and in the end decided it was not worth the effort. If you are satisfied with mediocre teaching then fine, but if you want truely exeptional teaching LEAVE and do not return. There are far better public schools within a mile of this one that are superior. We ended up leaving after two years and feel that it was the best decison we have ever made. Our child is THRIVING at her new school and she has been there for two years and about the enter her third year. The principal is nonresponsive and blames the student. Who does that? Truly, DO NOT ENROLL YOUR CHILD IN THIS SCHOOL.
Submitted by parent

2/5 Rating - Posted June 24, 2013
Teachers here do not communicate properly with parents about student progress. Additionally, the don't adequately address student deficits and students are left struggling. Leadership makes excuses and do not hold their teachers accountable.
Submitted by parent

2/5 Rating - Posted September 13, 2011
I have mixed feelings about this school. Out of the 6 years my kids have attended public schools, I've never had to come up to a school as many times as I've come to Riverside. The staff and principal seem to be okay and cooperative if you stay active with talking to the principal and teachers with the issues you are having. The assistant principals treat the principal like she's President Obama b/c you have to go through them to talk to her unless you are persistent to talk with her. There is one assistant principal I must say is super annoying and no matter what you come to the school for although it's none of her business she wants to know whats going on. I've personally met a counselor, speech therapist and school pshychiatrist who wasnt worth a penny with a hole in it until I got others involved from the county. I can say that all the issues I've had were solved by being respectfully aggressive but I wanted to write a truthful review that gives the pros and cons of this school. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done but overall being an active parent will get you positive results in this school.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted April 13, 2011
Very very good school. Well rounded after scholl activities and programs. Reading is their top priority. Love this school.
Submitted by parent

1/5 Rating - Posted March 22, 2011
not a good school. My kids are in 6th and 4th grade and they have some problems with the staff at Riverside. Some Teacher should resign if they think they cant send the kids to the office just for being kids
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted December 10, 2009
Our son is a Kindergarten student and loves Riverside. Now just a few months into the school year he is trying to read, writing sentences, and is just very eager to learn in general. The staff seems kind and dedicated. We are glad we chose to send him to public school and are pleased with the education he is receiving at Riverside.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted December 2, 2009
Riverside ES is a wonderful school. My daughter is in Kindergarten and I couldn't be more thrilled with her teacher and the education that she is receiving there! The staff is truly dedicated and it's obvious they love what they do for a living!
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted March 13, 2008
My daughter is a student at Riverside and recently had a promblem with some boys bullying her on the bus. Both her teacher and the school counselor took the matter very seriously and helped all the students involved work through it. I applaud their zero tolerance for bullying policy! My daughter is thriving at Riverside.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted December 2, 2007
I go here here and give it 2thumbs up
Submitted by student

2/5 Rating - Posted May 17, 2006
Riverside has been abandoned by its neighborhood and as a result is an inner-city school. In the past three years, the county added a GT center here to raise the abysmal test scores. Many teachers, and the vice principal, are wonderful. Likewise the PTA is small but dedicated. The greatest issue is an overwhelming number of students who come from homes where the parents either don't care, or are too tired from working two jobs, to properly prepare/support their children. Teachers can only do so much. The neighborhood is solidly upper-middle class, but they have all fled to the Spanish immersion program at Ft. Hunt, or to private schools. Woodley Hills elem., 1/4 mile down the street, is a much better school, with students coming from similarly disadvantaged circumstances.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted October 27, 2005
I would highly encourage all parents to send their children to Riverside! The faculty is really great and the teachers are superb! We have moved alot between MD, DC, and VA and I must say that Riverside is, by far, the best thus far. Whenever I have questions there is always someone willing to do whatever they can to help. When I have questions and need to get in contact with my daughters teacher(s) they return all of my calls promptly and they are always prepared with any answers. They make my job as a parent alot easier. They show genuine concern for each and every student. My daughter now has the ability to take advantage of the GT Program in its entirety and not sparingly as with other schools. She is also playing the violin this year and she loves it! Keep up the great work Riverside! Thumbs up!
Submitted by parent

4/5 Rating - Posted April 27, 2004
Riverside has a great Gifted Center and Young Scholars Program. They are sensitive to my child's needs and skills, and know when to place him in an environment that could challenge him more. This school is definitely getting better and better. The teachers are highly qualified and caring to their students.
Submitted by parent

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