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Thomas Taylor

Crestwood Intermediate School3

Chesapeake, VA | Chesapeake City County

January 14, 2014

was disgusted by the way the teacher was talking about not only my child and her progress but other classmates and their progress. She has no right to divulge that kind of information to me, and that lack of privacy truly bothered me.

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December 26, 2013

This school has been terrible. My child has been hurt by other students. She has had her hair cut, arm pinched leaving a bruise, and even choked by another student. She was an honor roll student until transferring to this school. The teacher has taught so poorly that my child failed many of the benchmarks this year. Last year at her other school she was in the exceptional category. The principal cut me off while I trying to talk with her about issues going on in the class room. The teacher raises her voice so often that my child is scared. The teacher also labeled special education children in her classroom as the bad children while we had a conference. If I could afford private school right now I would pull my child out of the school right now. I am seriously considering homeschooling. I no not recommend this school

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December 10, 2013

Crestwood as a whole has been ok. Not great. The environment is very cold and unfriendly if you are not a minority. The principal is difficult to talk to if you are saying something that she doesnt like, specifically addressing an issue in her school. Going to school programs are not only a waste of time but dangerous as there is no concern for safety or courtesy with seating. If people dont want to scoot over to allow others to sit no one will as them to and them you end up standing in the back of the auditorium if you are lucky and not literally pushed out the doors. Teachers are generally very cold and there is no real connection with the children. I requested a conference with both my boys teachers 6 times before getting any response at all. If I could afford a private school or to move my children to another school I would in a heartbeat. Right now just counting down the time my boys are forced to attend this horrible school.

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August 19, 2013

I had a great time at Crestwood Intermediate. But they didn't take care of problems. I could say truly even though we had fun I wouldn't enroll my child there

August 8, 2013

My son went to this school for 2 years. His 5th grade teacher for math/science was amazing. Unfortunately the principal was not helpful and I felt he was discriminated against as he is not a minority. (Other parents I spoke with felt similarly ). Other teachers had no discipline and one teacher even participated in bullying my child. I would not reccommend this school.

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June 13, 2012

They did a great job helping my stepdaughter become acclimated halfway through the year after the death of her mom. Staff - especially guidance, and the Principal, are just great!

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May 23, 2010

CWI has been a great school for both of my children. I hate that we will be moving and my daughter will not be able to complet 5th grade here. The teachers and staff are wonderful. The students meet the high expectations placed on them continually. Great parent involvement.

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May 7, 2010

I'm the same student who wrote the review before me. I just wanted to say extra points of why the school is great. First of all, the end of the year celebrations are great. We get to do a kickball tournament, cookout, SOL pep rally (5th graders only and involves a released SOL test and if you pass, you can pie your teacher or Mr. Ward!), a basketball game, and best of all, field day! Then there are the new diciplinary actions being taken. These include the X-chart and the freedom fridays. I'd recommend you should ask your children about the freedom friday because the X-chart is for 5th graders. These actions dont limit our freedom and we can still have fun! The truth is, everyone cares about eachother. No matter the race.

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April 27, 2010

Well the last year at CWI has been horrible, the principle DOES NOT follow guidelines at all. They do not discipline the students according to code. They allow kids to be bullied and they do nothing about it

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October 8, 2009

My daughter has been at CWI since 3rd grade, she is a 5th grader now. When first starting out at CWI she had a very difficult time adjusting to CWI. She came from BMW, which IMO they baby the students too much and do not prepare them for what is expected of them, communication from all teachers, they actually do care about their students. Mr. Ward does have high expectations of his students and staff, however he knows they can do it. He is a very professional man and does care about what parents and students think and feel. The nurse however is very stern and needs to lighten up. Just because a child doesn't have a fever does not mean they are not sick. She is a control person IMO. When walking through the doors at CWi you know you are welcome there. CWI excellent

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January 30, 2009

The school has been ok so far for us.There has been a few issues.I think they give way too much homework out.It should be 10 minutes worth of homework per grade level.My child is in 4th grade and it takes her close to an hour if not more to complete it.And then their student drop off lane.That is a circus.It is as difficult to drop your child off as it is to pull out of the parking lot.They have one officer who directs traffic perfect.But when he's not there.....the other officers just create one huge cluster.I will be so glad when my child is done with Crestwood Int.

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October 1, 2008

we found that, our daughter is enjoying the school. Teacher gives very good home work and follow up the performed work. I will rate as one of the best schools

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June 11, 2008

I recently had the good fortune to serve as a long term substitute at CWI and I found the school to be an excellent learning environment. The students are well behaved, happy, and very engaged in the learning process. The team of third grade teachers are outstanding. They work together every day to provide interesting and engaging activities for their students. My exposure to administration was limited, but I found it to be very professional and fair. Mr. Ward seems to have high expectations of his faculty and staff.

June 3, 2008

We are also a military family with 4 children in 4 different schools: Oscar, Both Crestwood's, & BM Williams. I have to fully agree with the other family in regards to Crestwood schools being 'excellent' . Crestwood Inter. is such a frustration! The school lacks a warm environment and is all business. The front office staff is very abrasive and just plain rude. I can only speak for the teachers my daughter has and their is no relationship there, either. My daughter just started and finished her 3rd grade here and I truly wish I could send her somewhere else. I dread another year at this school. Also, endless fundraisers and VERY competive AR program. If your child is a weak reader, be prepared for then to be an outcast. AR program started out for schools to encourage kids to read but here at this school, its a contest among theachers!

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April 29, 2008

We are a military family who was told (by our landlords) that the Crestwood schools were excellent. They are the farthest thing from 'excellent'. I have had to pull teeth just to find out what my child is doing, and she has been an outcast of sorts for being white, which is a real shame. Please, do your children a favor and do NOT erol t

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